Gifts are not necessary, nor are they expected. However for those who wish to give something personal that would be greatly appreciated, below are some ideas to help you decide:

Small and meaningful:

I adore candles and sweet fragrances are my favorite! Glasshouse Pink Lemonade or MOR marshmallow are my favorite sugary scents. A cup of green or white tea is a lovely, gentle wind down. My natural scent comes from the beautiful Aesop products that I use to bathe in.

Feeling generous:

I love these long lasting roses, they remain beautiful for 365 days and will always remind me of you. Just like my favorite flower, my favorite perfume by Lancome is rose scented too. I adore fine lingerie, as I am sure you do too! I always wear Agent Provocateur or La Perla, and will happily wear anything you love, just ask my size.

Something Grand:

Saint Laurent and Chanel are my favorite luxury designers. If jewelry is more your thing, then I adore the Tiffany bow collection.

Feeling Charitable:

A donation on my behalf is always welcome. I support the Burnet Institute for their ground breaking medical research.